Xmas Specials


As a famous sage once said: step into Christmas, let’s join together: we can eat festive themed pizzas forever and ever. Or something like that, anyway.

We want you to eat, drink, and be merry as we serve up our Nell’s seasonal specials from November 22nd.

So, welcome to our Christmas specials – we’d like to thank you for the year. Join us for…

Barbecue on 34th Street

Smoked turkey, ham, green chilli, cranberry BBQ sauce, pickled red onion, & roquito peppers

Christmas Brie, O Christmas Brie (v)

Brie, pink pepper, shredded mozzarella, pickled red onions, cranberry BBQ sauce,  pomegranate seeds

Roche-ing Around The Christmas Tree (v)

Ambassador, you are spoiling us. Rocher ice cream, sandwiched between two vanilla & hazelnut cookies, dipped in milk chocolate & chopped hazelnuts.

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