You may have noticed that we’ve recently changed the way our in-app ordering works – after a few years, we’ve moved on from the native table service system that our app offers, to a new system called OrderPay.

While the old system got us through a lot of difficult times (remember tier 3 lockdown?), it was always a bit boring, clunky, and… well, just not really good. So, after nearly 3 glorious years, we’ve upgraded so that you’ll be able to scan a QR code on your table, look through a much swisher menu, and order with a bit more ease.

The only downside is that our new system doesn’t currently integrate with our existing loyalty points system: we’ve been reassured that this is on the horizon, but for the moment they’re much like the Gallagher brothers: they don’t speak to one another, and they certainly don’t play well together.

Your existing loyalty points & credit are still available in the app, and you can still accrue and spend points when you go to the bar in exactly the same way that you could before. However, for the moment, any orders through our app will not earn you loyalty points, and the logistics of it all mean there’s no way for us to manually credit them afterwards either: if you need to get those points – for the moment, you’ll only be able to get them with bar service. We’ll keep you updated as and when that changes.

If you’ve no idea what we’re talking about: if you’re signed up to the Common & Co app as a member, and scan your membership QR code, you’ll earn 1 point for every pound you spend: get 25 points, and we’ll give you £2.50 to spend at any of our bars, however you’d like. Good that, ennit.

Stay tuned for further updates – and if you’ve got any questions or feedback about the new system, drop us a line on matthew@commonandco.co.uk